Our hometown, El Paso, continues to make national and world news due to the surge of COVID-19 cases. Families are being ripped apart as a result of this virus with no form of visits in hospitals. This means more people having to be away from their loved ones, unfortunately. Isolation and not being able to communicate with friends and family takes a toll; and this pandemic has created a lot of anxiety, depression, and emotional distress on so many.

As a result of this, many patients die alone since hospitals are understaffed. Most nurses use their personal devices to connect family members with patients one last time before they take their last breaths. Nurses are putting a lot of weight on their shoulders already by working overtime and double shifts through this horrible pandemic. We also hear from doctors, hospital staff, and providers on how difficult this situation is on all of them. We cannot even begin to imagine everything they have to endure daily in providing the best care for these COVID-19 patients, however we are extremely grateful to them and we want to help out in whichever way we can. It is heartbreaking to see this happen and it woke up an urge in our hearts to do anything to help. This led us to reach out to El Paso's County's Hospital UMC. This hospital receives low-income and working-class members of our community. It is the also the hospital with the most COVID-19 patients in their ICU. They currently have 239 active COVID-19 cases in their intensive care unit alone and this number is expected to increase with the holidays coming up. We want to help connect these patients with their families by donating iPads for video calls.

Our goal is to raise enough money to donate 500 iPads to the El Paso County Hospital's COVID-19 unit. We are determined in raising $150,000. This means reaching out to our community and non-locals as well. We have seen how El Paso has responded to crisis in the past and we know we will continue to respond with disposition and attentiveness. El Paso has been through many events, but they have not broken our community, they've made us even more united and stronger than ever.

Oscar Arrieta Agency, will be initiating this fund in a week with a donation of $10,000. We have also started to reach out to foundations to bring in grants for this cause. We stand in solidarity with our community and share the pain we have all been enduring for these past weeks. Let's make history together!

Contributing to this GoFundMe will make a huge difference in our efforts, but is far from the only way to support this cause. We will be equally appreciative of any non-financial commitments that you are able to make, either in the form of you spreading the word, or reaching out to discuss ways that you can become involved as a volunteer at a distance. Please message us for more information on either.

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